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Not that I questioned Gods existence, because I didn’t, for Years He has made His presence known in my life, saving me from myself as well as the unworthy insidious bastards that shouldn’t have had my time but even in those situations He has blessed me to learn from their mistakes. I said all that to say, “I know Him, His Works, His Grace & His Glory but never have I seen Him and His Love for me manifest through a human beings Love for me…


I saw a glow as he took his time with me, the way a collector takes their time looking over the objects in, which they collect, checking for quality that he appreciated. He examined my heart like he had the initials MD following his name checking for scrapes and scars that he repaired. He inspected my mind like a caring professor checking for knowledge and then challenged me on a level higher than most have.


He wrapped me up like a baby in a blanket with his love and when the cover unraveled I was stuck in his soul. My Muse that N’Spires the Written Art that I Create, We were Made to Love. (Sometimes you’ve got to Lose to Win – Fantasia) I totally agree. I had to let Go of a Loser in order to be in the Winning position that I am Now in!


I can’t say it enough, know your Worth!

Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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It Isn’t Until You Miss It

That You Noticed You’ve Missed It…


Then you ask yourself, How Did I Miss It?? Where was I when love was busying itself turning into hate?? While the mystical beauty of fate was busy, clearly about to dissipate?? While the person that should have been your life long mate was occupying them self with thoughts that being a couple was a mistake?? Laughter and love without limits turned to sour looks and a limit on the love given.


Life with no order we are busy, busying ourselves with the irrelevancies of the world. Finding importance in the unimportant and neglecting the dangerously relevant. Valuing things and people that have no value and no real place in our lives and devaluing the things and people that bring value to our lives. Why do we wake up when it’s over, cherish what we had instead of what we have?? Why aren’t we capable of being awake and grateful for the blessings while they are present in our lives and why not adore who we have in our corner before they decide to leave it??


I don’t have all the answers to the worlds questions but what I will leave you with is this, Pride should Never come before Love, Work before Loved Ones, Selfishness before Selflessness and Flesh before Spirit, if these few things are incorporated into the Humbleness you should already possess then life just may be better for you than what it is. And you could possibly begin to have more delight than regrets, because after all uninhibited Happiness is your ultimate goal, right?? If so, then stop contributing to your stress, pain and confusion when peace, ecstasy and utter joy is attainable if you believe enough to get out of your own way.


Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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Beloved, in this thing that we reside in, which has been conveniently labeled a life we must prioritize and as we get older mentally we must realize what is imperative to our happiness and we must fight to possess and retain it. Titles are irrelevant in this world full of human beings that find their worth in them; it’s how you’re treated that matters most. If a mother for example doesn’t act like a mother (Mother ~ A person who provides the care and affection normally associated with a female parent. New Oxford American Dictionary) then why would you authorize her to hold the position of mother in your life?? Indicating that it is okay for any individual to walk over you as they see fit because they have a particular title attached to their relationship with you. Whether it be Friend, Lover, Sister, Brother, Husband, Childs Parent, Boss and the list goes on and on these are just words and until the person holding the word takes pride in it and provides actions suitable to carry that word they’re meaningless.


It started from a younger age when you were vulnerable and needed the attention that that one individual should have but didn’t offer. Now you’re stuck in this hollow situation with this insignificant person and the child in you that couldn’t stand up then still can’t stand now and won’t allow you to come out of something that’s piteous and painful. You should never be bullied, blackmailed, guilted or manipulated into a relationship of any form and if you notice that because of a person’s title you have allowed yourself to be coerced into something you didn’t agree to “Walk!” You deserve better no matter who they are, what they’ve done for you or their label! You are worthy of relationships that are fair, fulfilling and fruitful. Remember, regardless of the title when you treat people the way you are treated you will more times than not find yourself being treated a lot better.

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Have You Ever Lost One Thing While in Strong Pursuit of Another??

As you lay back in bed alone thinking back over your life and what you have in comparison to what you had or what you have in comparison to what you could have. Residing momentarily in regret as you try to figure out what happened and when exactly did it happen. The young lady that chased an education and neglected the love she had or the young man that chased his career and didn’t notice his lover slipping away. How often do we make love secondary thinking it will always be there, thinking it’ll wait around for us?? How often do we take loved ones for granted thinking they will always be there, thinking we can overlook and mistreat them and they will deal with it?? Why are we so single minded that we believe it has to be one or the other?? Why can’t you be successful at giving yourself to multiple areas??


Like I’ve said before, “God Is Love”, so it saddens me, a great deal, when people feel they can and will live their life in its entirety without the experience and or those that feel they are so blessed that they will continue to receive love only to maltreat it. Why are we trading love, substituting love, leaving love when it is love that gets us through our hard times, its love that gives us the strength necessary to push forth and do what it is that we do so well. I hope that love one day becomes as relevant and as prevalent as its opposite, hate…

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(The Conversation)


Question I was Asked…

Is being in love enough of a reason to marry someone??


My Reply…

What other reason is there?? Let me share something with you; I’ve been in relationships where I thought I was in love but when true love found me I realized I had never been in love. I just had love for particular people for particular reasons. When you’re in love you love them for no reason and for every reason at the same time. I can do for myself on every level, so when I was planning my wedding it was purely out of the love and adoration I felt for him and the love and adoration he showed that he felt for me. So, I ask you, Is it Love?? Because Love is more than enough to get you through! Everyday wont be perfect but love humbles you so that you both can/will willingly admit your wrongs and make them right. God is Love! Since when did He become not enough for us??


A Reply (We will leave the Individual Anonymous)

Jae, I get what you’re saying, but what happens when you fall in love with the wrong person? All that feels good to ain’t good for you abusers, addicts, etc.


My Thoughts…

You have to first love yourself! If you don’t love you it is impossible for you to love anyone else. If I love me why would I continue in a hazardous relationship?? Love is giving, kind, understanding, trusting, respectful and the list goes on and on. How could you love me and abuse me?? That’s Not Love! How could I think I love you and you mistreat me?? The same way a person has fell in love with the lies of who they thought that man/woman was, is the same strength they need to use to move on. I must also say, what makes a person think its love if lies were involved?? What makes them think its love if they were trying to change an individual?? Love and Lies don’t go together and if you’re trying to change a person it’s not them you love it’s who you want them to be, which is basically a fairytale you have fallen in love with. Because when you love a person you love all of them, flaws and all you may not like some thing’s they do or say but you love them nonetheless and a part of that love is acceptance of who they truly are at that moment. It is possible for me to love my mate but not like the way he lacks rest and works continuously, but it is not possible for me to love me and love my mate and he beats me near death. Which leads me back to my original statement, “When it is True Love You’ll know it and one of the clues is, it won’t be that complicated!”

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Shouldn’t I as your mate N’Spire you?? Shouldn’t I push, promote, challenge and celebrate you?? If I am your significant other shouldn’t I be your biggest cheerleader, shouldn’t I believe in you, shouldn’t I be your unfailing support system?? When the world has beat you down shouldn’t I as your Queen build you my King up with love, honesty, adoration and respect?? When others don’t sustain and believe in you as well as your dreams, goals and visions isn’t it my responsibility to be that force of belief that gets you through that storm and out on the other side victoriously?? Shouldn’t I as your partner cover you in prayer and keep you lifted up as you challenge the world on a daily basis?? Shouldn’t I work to make things easier on you, not harder?? Shouldn’t I try to cease foolishness not welcome it into our relationship?? Shouldn’t I as your lover feed you when you’re hungry, rub you when you’re sore, listen when you need to vent, assist you when you’re overwhelmed, lovingly correct you when you’re wrong and make love to you when you’re concupiscent?? As your woman shouldn’t I keep children and fools out of our relationship?? Shouldn’t I respect what’s private and protect the innocence of the love that we share?? I know I should and this is my truth that I share with everyone.


Why are there so many failing marriages, so many deteriorating relationships, and so many unfaithful couples?? One reason is because we often forget what our truth is, what we silently signed up for when we decided to commit to this committed situation. Without knowing my husband I know my truth, without knowing his truth I know and stand firm on mine. Before getting to know one another, I know who it is I am alone and who I am with him as well. This is a problem I think some suffer from when getting into permanent situations with temporary people; you need to know and love you before you can extend love to another human being. So many are in love with the thought of having love that they allow themselves to be mistreated, used, abused, neglected, etc. for the sake of saying they have a mate. While those responsible for the maltreatment do it purely because they don’t love themselves, because when you love you, you want the best for yourself and how can you give yourself the best when you’re breaking your “God Sent” best down, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. I can’t love a man truly love a man and I knowingly, daily break him down, calling him less than a man, I can’t love him and abuse him, etc. love and hate can’t reside in the same place.


Another reason things fail is because people lie, they lie about who they are (So people Never know who they are Really Getting) they lie about what they do, what they like, and what they want all to make their mate believe they have a bond that is closer than what it is. They lie about sexual prowess, size, experience, drive, and libido. They lie about income, status, position, etc. Only to be in a ten-year relationship and figure out they are nothing alike…


Be with who you are meant to be with, Not who you are comfortable being with; Life is Too Short to Spend it being Unhappily Married!!


Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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“A Beautiful Woman” is something I have had the pleasure of being called by those that were moved by the physical attributes that God has blessed me with. Mrs. Eleanor Lee Felton Stanton (My Great Grandmother) raised me and she was a firm believer in beauty fades but an education cannot be stolen, doesn’t diminish and will not be overlooked. Can you tell me what a young girl that is referred to as pretty throughout her life longs to one day be addressed as?? Intelligent. Why?? One is because pretty (natural beauty) is not in anyone’s control I was formed in my mothers womb and this is because of no one but our higher power which means really I have no real right to even say, “Thank You.” To the compliments given because I am thanking someone for someone else’s work. Two because intellect is something that an individual works for, no one human will ever know everything but it is very unattractive for an individual that is offered everything in the form of knowledge to not know anything.


I began life in a private school “Tiny Tot Town” located in the West Loop area I went there till second grade that’s when my parents could no longer afford the tuition so the duration on my education or lack there of was taken from the Chicago Public School System. My Grannima was my unwavering support system, if I said I wanted to fly to Mars she would have been my motivation to do so, nothing was unachievable in her eyesight. I started out wanting to be a pediatrician, I made it a goal and I focused on being called Dr. Pettigrew, until my life took an unforeseen turn, “New Jack City” in Chicago, dreams were shattered and I turned to writing because my pen and pad were the only two that didn’t judge my thoughts, my fears, my feelings, my dreams, me.


Momma, I said, that’s what I use to call her, “You remember the day when I wrote that piece for Ray funeral and you said I should consider making my writing public because my poetry was absolutely amazing??” “Of course!” she would reply back to me and I would then feel free to say to her, “I want to write.” “You write already,” she said. I took a moment to collect my thoughts and reply better, “Okay, well I want to be a New York Times Bestseller!” “How are Prince and Michael Jackson both megastars when they have to compete for majority of the same audience??” she said. I went deep into thought, that’s what she brought out of me and when I came out I said, “Because people recognize truth and they are always being true to their audience and themselves through their music, their fashion and their writing.” Her rebuttal, “Never forget that! Be true to you! Always! People will not understand your work because they don’t truly understand you, who you are, where you come from, what you survived and those people you must leave them where they are. You write to free yourself and for those that need your words to free or be true to themselves! Keep God First and everything else in your life will find it’s Order!” She then proceeded to challenge me, “People write the way they talk so from here on out when you talk to me I don’t want you to enunciate and I don’t want to hear the repetition of any words. If you need to say the same thing I need you to find different ways to tell me, an expanded vocabulary is an expanded mind and you’re too naturally quick-witted to not be knowledgeable!” There I Began with the only thing that I was sure of in life, writing with a New York Times Bestseller goal in mind.


What equates success in your mind?? The screams of people yelling your name over the expensive well produced beats that you take days to lay the most outlandish lies imaginable upon?? Or maybe it’s scouting like an agent in hopes of finding a successful man and trapping him like Charlotte in a web of lies with hopes that he will propose without a prenuptial before the truth begins to rip through your web like hot bullets through the flesh of innocent victims?? Is it, going to school until you have more letters following your name than the amount of letters it takes to spell your name and as you define yourself by who and what people call you can’t even see how they look at you because of the debt your student loans has you lying under. But it’s all for the success factor right because when you finish you’ll get that wonderful job that you hate that will allow you to make payments that won’t put a noticeable dent in those lovely interest rates. I haven’t come up your block yet?? Wait one more scenario before I close, this may be you! You’re working hard to make ends meet so when you and your so-called friends meet you look like you have it all together. You rock’n Red Bottoms and your babies shoes have holes in the bottoms, you’re at Gibson’s paying four hundred dollars for a meal for two but you don’t have four hundred dollars tucked away in a savings, money market, or some type of an investment account, you have a $2000 car note but you don’t own the house/condo you reside in. Or maybe you believe it’s fly to look down on and not help those that are less fortunate, not knowing you’re one bad decision away from being in the exact same situation they are in. Success isn’t measure by the people you step on and leave for dead to get to the top, it is more so measured by the people you assist and the ones you pick up from the dead and push to the top because they are the ones that will be here telling your story and if your story and the rest of those in the world story of you doesn’t match who do you believe the people are listening to??


What is success to me?? Waking up every morning and doing what I eat, sleep and breath for a living and then when the day is done I go to bed and I can/will have a beautifully peaceful nights sleep because I don’t owe anyone and I didn’t hurt, use, step on or mess over anyone to get to where I am…


Can you Really handle success??


Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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