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Jae L. Pettigrew was born and raised on Chicago’s Southside. Though affected by her upbringing, this inspired individual was not deemed maladjusted. Jae is an innovative, award-winning poet that chose to channel her energy in a positive direction. She did so with the intent of touching and inspiring as many liberal minds as possible through her God given gift, writing.

Jae being the intellectual writer she is she was destined to be an author and in 2009 she wrote “Through Her Eyes” a collection of raw, riveting, unabridged poetry with a mixture of thought provoking quotes. She also penned, “TranzParent” a culmination of events, situations and circumstances that took place over a 7-year period in her life. With zeal she composed these experiences as they poured from her heart in to honest and passionate pieces poetry, quotes and short stories. Jae has a story to tell and she chose to do so not just with her pen but also with her voice. Public Speaking allows Jae to let people hear her heart wherever words of inspiration, motivation and perseverance are needed.

Jae is also a strong advocate against domestic violence and for AIDS awareness. A staunch supporter of education, Jae earned a B.AS Degree with a business administration and marketing management concentration. Her education and background allows her to emphatically support other artist, clergy and members of the social organization community in the consultant capacity, behind the scenes. With this mentored skill she has become highly regarded in the area of impactful leadership, outstanding organization and motivating growth in life and business performance.

This tenacious hardworking woman still finds time for active member participation in several organizations that help uplift and empower women. She is the Founder of “Womans Worth” a nonprofit that’s main focus is raising the awareness of every woman they are connected with. The focal points include being positive role models and mentors, leading by example while guiding women in the direction of self-improvement, self-employment and self-love all while emphasizing education and the importance of focusing on home and family.

Though the place she once called her home, Chicago will forever be in her heart Jae along with her two children Jacquelynn and Antonio presently call Houston, Texas home.

Posted August 3, 2010 by MzJaeL

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