Broken Wings   3 comments

If we all have wings that are broken in our own beautiful way where does the logic lie in judging another’s wing? You drink every day to numb yourself to the fact that he left you for someone else. While he has multiple partners so he’s never alone long enough to remember the girl that left him to chase her dream. No sin (Sin – Missing the Mark) is greater than another putting no man in a seat capable of judging. If an individual’s behavior brings you pain, anger, disgust or just does not work for the direction in which you’re headed in life no judgement is needed to move around. You have a choice, you always have a choice so stop dancing on the bee hive then complaining when you get stung.

If we spent less time looking out in the judgement of others and look in with care and concern in an effort to fix/heal our own internal issues we would add to the world so much more than what she has been given by us thus far. A side note for reading, life is not a seesaw pushing someone down will not elevate you. Also, since I have your attention Karma is unfailingly taking notes and she never returns in the manner in which you sent her out nor in the time span in which you’d like. She is a boomerang set on her own schedule, returning in who, what or how she likes. Work to be sure all or at least majority of what’s coming for you is good.

I would like to, since you’ve taken time to read my words, challenge you to assist someone today. Any one in your network that you know could use your words, start the process of mending a wing today. Someone that has not recently or has never heard how you really feel about them, let them know how their beauty has decorated your life. Love is in giving not receiving. I’ll start by sharing my positive energy and love with you. I am truly grateful for you and so very appreciative that you would take time from your day to read my inscribed thoughts. I believe time is our most valuable asset and for you to spend your time on me warms my heart and feeds my soul. Thank you for being such a gorgeous generous force in the world.

Being #TranzParent

Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

The Purple Winged Phoenix

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3 responses to “Broken Wings

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  1. I love ❤️ it beautifully written. If you can go back and correct the word by you write Bu
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  2. Beautiful work!! Emotional moving….

  3. Amazingly touching and beautifully created.💓

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