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He said, “I view things differently now, I’m not the same guy I was back then.” I looked deep in his eyes while I listened knowing in my heart time is the ultimate truth revealer. I conversed with him for months and the more time passed the more I saw his new ways battle with the old mind he tried desperately to convince me he no longer possessed. His pride in conjunction with his ego supported by his arrogant tongue dug a hole wide enough for him to be buried in. As I jumped over the tomb I thought to myself why couldn’t he just let it go? We come equipped with a mind that will enable us to do anything, literally. We can talk ourselves into success or into defeat it’s all in how we evaluate the situation. We have complete control over it all as long as we don’t allow it to completely control us.

Much Luv,
Mz. Jae

Posted May 18, 2018 by MzJaeL in Uncategorized

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