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I’ve been away from social media for a few months now, by choice no fasting; trying to prove to myself I wasn’t addicted or any other reason that would help a person understand my why. I just needed a break from world news, neighborhood news, fake news, judges of everyone and everything with their pocket jury in the posts comment section that cosigned every strong opinion that was spat out as if it were researched, found factual and proven an undeniable truth. I was also tired of the fictitious lives and fables that had run amok in my news feed as if I didn’t really know the person that was posting the pictures with the beautiful filters and writing the comments that were biased and filtered as well. I wonder who are we afraid of? Who is preventing us from being who we are, from living in our truth and do we really believe they are worth the cost of lying about everything we do, have and are?

I was talking to my daughter just before we entered the New Year about life, the evolution of friends, family and ourselves. As we sat at the dining room table I said to her emphatically, “Never give a person the power to take away your truth.” Careful to lend an example to that statement so she knew exactly what I meant. I went on to say if you feel a certain way in your heart never let circumstances, opportunities, friends, lovers or enemies change that. It is okay to agree to disagree you can still have friendships and relationships with people you do not agree with. You should want that, you don’t need yes men, people who are terrified to voice who they are, scared to stand in their truth, on the fence swaying from side to side depending on who they are holding a conversation with. You want decisive individuals in your circle people that respect who you are because they know who they are so they’re not intimidated by you expressing your truth. I say this to you with such brazenness because forgetting your truth isn’t an instantaneous abrasive act it’s subtle, alluring, deceitful and undetectable until you’ve found yourself in its trap long after the trap has been set.

After our conversation I was on Facebook responding to a few comments on a photo I posted back in August when I decided to scroll through my newsfeed. There I found the important, the judgmental and those that are in dire need of attention. If we spent half, as much time working on ourselves as we spend telling others what they need to work on we would live in a much better place. What do I mean? You once believed in edification but you stopped reading because none of your friends read so you had no one to discuss knowledge with. You use to believe in marriage but you fell for a person that told you it was just a piece of paper so now you’re in a relationship that has no next level and you’re making excuses for why you don’t have what you deserve and desire. You believed in yourself but you allowed others criticisms and their self-limitations to dominate your values and the outlandish dreams you know you’re capable of achieving. Your desire to please, fit in or belong to someone, somewhere you probably shouldn’t be in the first place, has suffocated your true destiny, which is to be who you are. Gradually your beliefs were dissected and dismantled until a time came when you were no longer you. You were at best an empty shell of you and at worst a carbon copy of someone in your circle.

I challenge you to make a decision right now to take your eyes off everyone else and focus on you. Decide that no matter what a person says or what society shows you that you will always be your distinct version of the truth. It may not always be easy, popular or safe but it will definitely be worth it in the end because you will connect with other truth fighters that will be your lifelong comrades. You guys will be each other’s life vest that helps pull each other back above water when wrong circles try to drown your voice. Not only that but you will have also given yourself the gift of freedom because only in your truth can freedom be found.

Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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4 responses to “Stand in Your Truth

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  1. Good morning beautifu, as i write this im sp thankful i can see and feel your truth through your writings and they still inspire me to be better than I was on yesterday. Thank you for being a vessel for I can’t even put into words what this has done for my spirit this morning. I’m still cooking even more now than before and gettong ready to relocate again as much as its hard to admit it took four years of me messing up.for God to just knock me down and say shut up.and when he did, i did my research and realized I haven’t been in the right place for a long time and I’ve wasted so.much time pleasing those who were never worthy nor appreciative of what in had to offer. I’ve been a fool in using my gifts and allowed myself to be taken advantage of because unwanted what that wasn’t real family/friends when I always had that which I needed. So thank you for this early morning inspiration and confirmation. Love you always have always will you Personal Chef

  2. I didn’t know you felt that way

  3. Wow sis! I love it!!! I feel that same way. A lot of people allow social media and judgemental people deter them from being who they really are. This is deep and so very truth! Love you…

  4. Thank you for your Beautful words! Freedom & Truth!💪🏽😘

    Melinda DuFauchard

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