The Truth Resides in the Actions   Leave a comment

One, two, too many very well made kettle one cosmos. My eyelids low I looked across the table at him listening with my heart instead of my head; as he discussed the way he wanted the living to not honor his death instead, he said he wanted people to remember his life. In that moment, as I looked in his eyes, I realized I felt something, something more than what we’d previously described as our friendship. I felt something deeper and that something didn’t want me to be without him. No matter the distance that separated us I wanted to do whatever was necessary to keep us close, as close as two apprehensive people could be.

I don’t know why love crashes into one person but completely misses another
I don’t know why desire would fall on one mate and not the other
I don’t know why someone chooses familiarity over opportunity with a new lover
I don’t know why people don’t fall for one another at the same time
I don’t know why he couldn’t read my words but he liked the way I’d rhyme
I don’t know why people turn away a pure heart while not wanting to be alone
I don’t know why people don’t miss a good thing until it’s gone
But by the time I was back home
We were different like a cat with a dog’s bone
The interest was gone
It even showed in the way we communicated on the phone
He went from texts every day
To a once a week dry ass “Hey”
To ignoring my “Good Morning” text because he had nothing more to say
What happened to him brightening my day??
What happened to him blooming in my life, like flowers in the month of May??
What happened to all the jokes and the way he liked to play??
What happened to discussing Grey’s and how it made me feel some type of way
I always fall for your type, is what Jamie Foxx would say
The unavailable, the unworthy
That’s the ones that I allow to hurt me…

Much Luv,
Mz. Jae
Being #TranzParent

Posted February 23, 2017 by MzJaeL in Uncategorized

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