1k Miles Away   Leave a comment

I’ve tried not to think of you

Tried to occupy myself with anything other than the thoughts of us two

Wine, Work, Writing no matter what I do

I can’t seem to shake the feel of you

In my mind you have a residence

That demands total precedence

Over all

Leaving me terrified of the fall

I stay away intentionally not even a quick call

Still my mind like an infant to his mother back to you will crawl

I want to get out the way because for you I know I’m not the one

When I look in your eyes I can see with your ex you’re really not done

But that doesn’t change the way your words to my heart have sung

It doesn’t stop the beating of promise that you’ve begun

It doesn’t alter the sway that only you have undone

I acknowledge I care and closer than many I’ve let you slide

Unknowingly my faith with your charm has taken a ride

But I know the odds of this ending with you by my side

And if I say that can happen to myself I will have lied

Scared because feeling this way has led to moments where I’ve cried

Still thoughts of you in to my mind they have pried

Nonchalant I try but I can’t hide

In your scent is where I have dreamt I’d reside

The emotions bursting from this pen directly reflect the way I feel inside

Leaving without a trace is what I’ve tried

But returning like I’ve left something is what I do because without you like P.M. Dawn I’ve died…

Much Luv,

Mz. Jae


Posted January 29, 2017 by MzJaeL in Uncategorized

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