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The desires of the heart are simple; we know who we think of when the lights go dim, when that song plays, when we have a good or a bad day that we need to discuss, when the urge to make love over takes us we know who we think of, who we wish would call, who we wish could hold us, who we wish would love us the way we love them. So why on earth do we make the desires of the heart complicated?? Why aren’t we with the one we desire?? Because we’ve become adults and doing so apparently means we allow rules, opinions and fear to decide our future, our happiness and dictate our peace for us.


We get into situations and we don’t want to be wrong again so we stay in these situations and we call them relationship even though this person is completely wrong for us we stay instead of taking a chance by loving who we feel is right for us. When we allow fear to overtake us we operate scared, scared to let go, to feel, to be honest with ourselves and the person that’s walking around holding our heart in the palm of their hand. Living in fear isn’t living at all and if you loose this person for good it’s going to hurt whether you held it in or told them exactly how you feel, so why not free yourself by opening up and letting them know you care. Be vulnerable enough to let a person know you’re not heartless and if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to it may hurt a little but at least you aren’t walking around carrying regret as well, because the “what if’s” of life are what keep us awake at night.


I said all this to say life is too short to not be true to yourself, to not be true to your heart. I fell once and before I had the courage to open up he was murdered and I was broken by the regret of not letting him know how much I loved him while I had the chance. Now, after pain, time and work I reside in a place where I fight indefatigably with myself to be vulnerable, to make sure everyone around me knows exactly how I feel about them as should you because vagueness doesn’t suppress the feelings…

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  1. This is the TRUTH!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽

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