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Writing for me is such an emotional roller coaster the ups and downs of dealing with some things I haven’t and some I  have and some thought I did. Being forced to face the feelings pouring out of me and settling on crisp white paper just before my eyes. Worse are the thoughts that seep out of my subconscious and into my writing for me to not only relive, accept and make into something that will benefit those coming after me but, I also have to immediately bounce back from the places those thoughts and lost emotions have caused me to be.


Writing, though I love it, has been and continues to be a journey of growth and development. Using God given wisdom and discernment to constantly let go of what I’ve found that I disapprove of and keeping what I feel is positive and definitely worth having all while holding onto who I truly am despite what my situations and people have tried and still try to make me. Pushing yourself to be the best you, you can possibly be should be a constant goal. Self improvement never goes out of style. Be who you are not who they want you to be! (Writing helps.) #AdvocateForArts


Know Your Worth!!

Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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