I Saw God through His Love…   1 comment

Not that I questioned Gods existence, because I didn’t, for Years He has made His presence known in my life, saving me from myself as well as the unworthy insidious bastards that shouldn’t have had my time but even in those situations He has blessed me to learn from their mistakes. I said all that to say, “I know Him, His Works, His Grace & His Glory but never have I seen Him and His Love for me manifest through a human beings Love for me…


I saw a glow as he took his time with me, the way a collector takes their time looking over the objects in, which they collect, checking for quality that he appreciated. He examined my heart like he had the initials MD following his name checking for scrapes and scars that he repaired. He inspected my mind like a caring professor checking for knowledge and then challenged me on a level higher than most have.


He wrapped me up like a baby in a blanket with his love and when the cover unraveled I was stuck in his soul. My Muse that N’Spires the Written Art that I Create, We were Made to Love. (Sometimes you’ve got to Lose to Win – Fantasia) I totally agree. I had to let Go of a Loser in order to be in the Winning position that I am Now in!


I can’t say it enough, know your Worth!

Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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One response to “I Saw God through His Love…

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  1. THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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