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It Isn’t Until You Miss It

That You Noticed You’ve Missed It…


Then you ask yourself, How Did I Miss It?? Where was I when love was busying itself turning into hate?? While the mystical beauty of fate was busy, clearly about to dissipate?? While the person that should have been your life long mate was occupying them self with thoughts that being a couple was a mistake?? Laughter and love without limits turned to sour looks and a limit on the love given.


Life with no order we are busy, busying ourselves with the irrelevancies of the world. Finding importance in the unimportant and neglecting the dangerously relevant. Valuing things and people that have no value and no real place in our lives and devaluing the things and people that bring value to our lives. Why do we wake up when it’s over, cherish what we had instead of what we have?? Why aren’t we capable of being awake and grateful for the blessings while they are present in our lives and why not adore who we have in our corner before they decide to leave it??


I don’t have all the answers to the worlds questions but what I will leave you with is this, Pride should Never come before Love, Work before Loved Ones, Selfishness before Selflessness and Flesh before Spirit, if these few things are incorporated into the Humbleness you should already possess then life just may be better for you than what it is. And you could possibly begin to have more delight than regrets, because after all uninhibited Happiness is your ultimate goal, right?? If so, then stop contributing to your stress, pain and confusion when peace, ecstasy and utter joy is attainable if you believe enough to get out of your own way.


Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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