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Beloved, in this thing that we reside in, which has been conveniently labeled a life we must prioritize and as we get older mentally we must realize what is imperative to our happiness and we must fight to possess and retain it. Titles are irrelevant in this world full of human beings that find their worth in them; it’s how you’re treated that matters most. If a mother for example doesn’t act like a mother (Mother ~ A person who provides the care and affection normally associated with a female parent. New Oxford American Dictionary) then why would you authorize her to hold the position of mother in your life?? Indicating that it is okay for any individual to walk over you as they see fit because they have a particular title attached to their relationship with you. Whether it be Friend, Lover, Sister, Brother, Husband, Childs Parent, Boss and the list goes on and on these are just words and until the person holding the word takes pride in it and provides actions suitable to carry that word they’re meaningless.


It started from a younger age when you were vulnerable and needed the attention that that one individual should have but didn’t offer. Now you’re stuck in this hollow situation with this insignificant person and the child in you that couldn’t stand up then still can’t stand now and won’t allow you to come out of something that’s piteous and painful. You should never be bullied, blackmailed, guilted or manipulated into a relationship of any form and if you notice that because of a person’s title you have allowed yourself to be coerced into something you didn’t agree to “Walk!” You deserve better no matter who they are, what they’ve done for you or their label! You are worthy of relationships that are fair, fulfilling and fruitful. Remember, regardless of the title when you treat people the way you are treated you will more times than not find yourself being treated a lot better.

Posted May 10, 2013 by MzJaeL in Uncategorized

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