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Have You Ever Lost One Thing While in Strong Pursuit of Another??

As you lay back in bed alone thinking back over your life and what you have in comparison to what you had or what you have in comparison to what you could have. Residing momentarily in regret as you try to figure out what happened and when exactly did it happen. The young lady that chased an education and neglected the love she had or the young man that chased his career and didn’t notice his lover slipping away. How often do we make love secondary thinking it will always be there, thinking it’ll wait around for us?? How often do we take loved ones for granted thinking they will always be there, thinking we can overlook and mistreat them and they will deal with it?? Why are we so single minded that we believe it has to be one or the other?? Why can’t you be successful at giving yourself to multiple areas??


Like I’ve said before, “God Is Love”, so it saddens me, a great deal, when people feel they can and will live their life in its entirety without the experience and or those that feel they are so blessed that they will continue to receive love only to maltreat it. Why are we trading love, substituting love, leaving love when it is love that gets us through our hard times, its love that gives us the strength necessary to push forth and do what it is that we do so well. I hope that love one day becomes as relevant and as prevalent as its opposite, hate…

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