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Question I was Asked…

Is being in love enough of a reason to marry someone??


My Reply…

What other reason is there?? Let me share something with you; I’ve been in relationships where I thought I was in love but when true love found me I realized I had never been in love. I just had love for particular people for particular reasons. When you’re in love you love them for no reason and for every reason at the same time. I can do for myself on every level, so when I was planning my wedding it was purely out of the love and adoration I felt for him and the love and adoration he showed that he felt for me. So, I ask you, Is it Love?? Because Love is more than enough to get you through! Everyday wont be perfect but love humbles you so that you both can/will willingly admit your wrongs and make them right. God is Love! Since when did He become not enough for us??


A Reply (We will leave the Individual Anonymous)

Jae, I get what you’re saying, but what happens when you fall in love with the wrong person? All that feels good to ain’t good for you abusers, addicts, etc.


My Thoughts…

You have to first love yourself! If you don’t love you it is impossible for you to love anyone else. If I love me why would I continue in a hazardous relationship?? Love is giving, kind, understanding, trusting, respectful and the list goes on and on. How could you love me and abuse me?? That’s Not Love! How could I think I love you and you mistreat me?? The same way a person has fell in love with the lies of who they thought that man/woman was, is the same strength they need to use to move on. I must also say, what makes a person think its love if lies were involved?? What makes them think its love if they were trying to change an individual?? Love and Lies don’t go together and if you’re trying to change a person it’s not them you love it’s who you want them to be, which is basically a fairytale you have fallen in love with. Because when you love a person you love all of them, flaws and all you may not like some thing’s they do or say but you love them nonetheless and a part of that love is acceptance of who they truly are at that moment. It is possible for me to love my mate but not like the way he lacks rest and works continuously, but it is not possible for me to love me and love my mate and he beats me near death. Which leads me back to my original statement, “When it is True Love You’ll know it and one of the clues is, it won’t be that complicated!”

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