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Shouldn’t I as your mate N’Spire you?? Shouldn’t I push, promote, challenge and celebrate you?? If I am your significant other shouldn’t I be your biggest cheerleader, shouldn’t I believe in you, shouldn’t I be your unfailing support system?? When the world has beat you down shouldn’t I as your Queen build you my King up with love, honesty, adoration and respect?? When others don’t sustain and believe in you as well as your dreams, goals and visions isn’t it my responsibility to be that force of belief that gets you through that storm and out on the other side victoriously?? Shouldn’t I as your partner cover you in prayer and keep you lifted up as you challenge the world on a daily basis?? Shouldn’t I work to make things easier on you, not harder?? Shouldn’t I try to cease foolishness not welcome it into our relationship?? Shouldn’t I as your lover feed you when you’re hungry, rub you when you’re sore, listen when you need to vent, assist you when you’re overwhelmed, lovingly correct you when you’re wrong and make love to you when you’re concupiscent?? As your woman shouldn’t I keep children and fools out of our relationship?? Shouldn’t I respect what’s private and protect the innocence of the love that we share?? I know I should and this is my truth that I share with everyone.


Why are there so many failing marriages, so many deteriorating relationships, and so many unfaithful couples?? One reason is because we often forget what our truth is, what we silently signed up for when we decided to commit to this committed situation. Without knowing my husband I know my truth, without knowing his truth I know and stand firm on mine. Before getting to know one another, I know who it is I am alone and who I am with him as well. This is a problem I think some suffer from when getting into permanent situations with temporary people; you need to know and love you before you can extend love to another human being. So many are in love with the thought of having love that they allow themselves to be mistreated, used, abused, neglected, etc. for the sake of saying they have a mate. While those responsible for the maltreatment do it purely because they don’t love themselves, because when you love you, you want the best for yourself and how can you give yourself the best when you’re breaking your “God Sent” best down, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. I can’t love a man truly love a man and I knowingly, daily break him down, calling him less than a man, I can’t love him and abuse him, etc. love and hate can’t reside in the same place.


Another reason things fail is because people lie, they lie about who they are (So people Never know who they are Really Getting) they lie about what they do, what they like, and what they want all to make their mate believe they have a bond that is closer than what it is. They lie about sexual prowess, size, experience, drive, and libido. They lie about income, status, position, etc. Only to be in a ten-year relationship and figure out they are nothing alike…


Be with who you are meant to be with, Not who you are comfortable being with; Life is Too Short to Spend it being Unhappily Married!!


Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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