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“A Beautiful Woman” is something I have had the pleasure of being called by those that were moved by the physical attributes that God has blessed me with. Mrs. Eleanor Lee Felton Stanton (My Great Grandmother) raised me and she was a firm believer in beauty fades but an education cannot be stolen, doesn’t diminish and will not be overlooked. Can you tell me what a young girl that is referred to as pretty throughout her life longs to one day be addressed as?? Intelligent. Why?? One is because pretty (natural beauty) is not in anyone’s control I was formed in my mothers womb and this is because of no one but our higher power which means really I have no real right to even say, “Thank You.” To the compliments given because I am thanking someone for someone else’s work. Two because intellect is something that an individual works for, no one human will ever know everything but it is very unattractive for an individual that is offered everything in the form of knowledge to not know anything.


I began life in a private school “Tiny Tot Town” located in the West Loop area I went there till second grade that’s when my parents could no longer afford the tuition so the duration on my education or lack there of was taken from the Chicago Public School System. My Grannima was my unwavering support system, if I said I wanted to fly to Mars she would have been my motivation to do so, nothing was unachievable in her eyesight. I started out wanting to be a pediatrician, I made it a goal and I focused on being called Dr. Pettigrew, until my life took an unforeseen turn, “New Jack City” in Chicago, dreams were shattered and I turned to writing because my pen and pad were the only two that didn’t judge my thoughts, my fears, my feelings, my dreams, me.


Momma, I said, that’s what I use to call her, “You remember the day when I wrote that piece for Ray funeral and you said I should consider making my writing public because my poetry was absolutely amazing??” “Of course!” she would reply back to me and I would then feel free to say to her, “I want to write.” “You write already,” she said. I took a moment to collect my thoughts and reply better, “Okay, well I want to be a New York Times Bestseller!” “How are Prince and Michael Jackson both megastars when they have to compete for majority of the same audience??” she said. I went deep into thought, that’s what she brought out of me and when I came out I said, “Because people recognize truth and they are always being true to their audience and themselves through their music, their fashion and their writing.” Her rebuttal, “Never forget that! Be true to you! Always! People will not understand your work because they don’t truly understand you, who you are, where you come from, what you survived and those people you must leave them where they are. You write to free yourself and for those that need your words to free or be true to themselves! Keep God First and everything else in your life will find it’s Order!” She then proceeded to challenge me, “People write the way they talk so from here on out when you talk to me I don’t want you to enunciate and I don’t want to hear the repetition of any words. If you need to say the same thing I need you to find different ways to tell me, an expanded vocabulary is an expanded mind and you’re too naturally quick-witted to not be knowledgeable!” There I Began with the only thing that I was sure of in life, writing with a New York Times Bestseller goal in mind.


What equates success in your mind?? The screams of people yelling your name over the expensive well produced beats that you take days to lay the most outlandish lies imaginable upon?? Or maybe it’s scouting like an agent in hopes of finding a successful man and trapping him like Charlotte in a web of lies with hopes that he will propose without a prenuptial before the truth begins to rip through your web like hot bullets through the flesh of innocent victims?? Is it, going to school until you have more letters following your name than the amount of letters it takes to spell your name and as you define yourself by who and what people call you can’t even see how they look at you because of the debt your student loans has you lying under. But it’s all for the success factor right because when you finish you’ll get that wonderful job that you hate that will allow you to make payments that won’t put a noticeable dent in those lovely interest rates. I haven’t come up your block yet?? Wait one more scenario before I close, this may be you! You’re working hard to make ends meet so when you and your so-called friends meet you look like you have it all together. You rock’n Red Bottoms and your babies shoes have holes in the bottoms, you’re at Gibson’s paying four hundred dollars for a meal for two but you don’t have four hundred dollars tucked away in a savings, money market, or some type of an investment account, you have a $2000 car note but you don’t own the house/condo you reside in. Or maybe you believe it’s fly to look down on and not help those that are less fortunate, not knowing you’re one bad decision away from being in the exact same situation they are in. Success isn’t measure by the people you step on and leave for dead to get to the top, it is more so measured by the people you assist and the ones you pick up from the dead and push to the top because they are the ones that will be here telling your story and if your story and the rest of those in the world story of you doesn’t match who do you believe the people are listening to??


What is success to me?? Waking up every morning and doing what I eat, sleep and breath for a living and then when the day is done I go to bed and I can/will have a beautifully peaceful nights sleep because I don’t owe anyone and I didn’t hurt, use, step on or mess over anyone to get to where I am…


Can you Really handle success??


Much Luv,

Mz. Jae

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